Music Books & Compositions











Performed/Recorded with bands/artists including:


Jelo (Fusion/Dub)

Kathouse (Pop/Rock)

Mostly Water (Folk/Rock)

Karin Karian Quintet (Joe Limburn)

Sea Monkeys (Folk/Rock)

Godhead (Dub/Space Rock)

The Discord (Indie/Pop)

Nick Collis Trio (Jazz/Latin)

The Two Steps (Soul/Jazz)

Mangusto (Huncho Gringo)

Poppy Seed Hand Granades (Troubadours)

Manikin Time Shark (Space Rock)

Damian Maguire (Pop Tribute)

Space Ace Robot (Dance/Pop)

CODA Fiddle Orchestra (Folk/Classical)

Jack Maguire (World/Classical)

Paul Owen (Cavendish)

Freejam (Fusion/Dub)

Kobandallis (Andy Gilmore)

Mazeltov (Klezmer)

Tredmill (Folk)

Purple Heads (Ambient/Fusion)

Vontramps (Fusion)

Uncle Fester (Dub/Fusion)

Harlequin (Function)

Wind Jam (Function)

Bournemouth Wind Band

Boscombe Samba Band

Bournemouth & Dorset Youth Orchestras

Senzar (Tribal)

Rusty's Revenge (Folk/Rock)

Weavil Knevil (Funk/Fusion)

La Luna E Le Stelle (Ambient/Prog)

G13 (Jazz/Funk)

Manikin (Contemporary/Fusion)



Music/Media Industry Services for Bands/Organisations including:


Attempting Fate


Hatstandy Andy

Sylvia Fleming

CODA Fiddle Orchestra

Cellar Bar/Chaplins

Bournespring Trust

Hugh Reed


La Luna E Le Stelle

Music At St Clements



Produced albums for bands/artists including:


Space Ace Robot (Experimental Dance/Pop)

Manikin Time Shark (Blacksnow)

Purple Heads (Paul Owen)

Damian Maguire (Contemporary/Fusion)

Sylvia Fleming (Classical/Caberet)

Mazeltov (Klezmer)



Film & Play Scripts including:


What If

Vortex 2

Heaven On Earth 1


Community experience includes:


Local Elections candidacy (Boscombe West 2011)

Boredom Busters (Bournemouth Council) - NVQ Playwork (2004)

Safe & Sound, St Thomas Garnets - Playleader (2001)

Research Officer - SE Dorset Green Party (2010-2013)

Founder of Campaigns (Better Healthcare, Anti War, Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Welfare)

South West Green Party (Research Ass: 2012-2013)

Boscombe Area Forum - Treasurer (2008-2010)

YMCA - Work Train (2001)

Transition BH & Greenpeace - Campaigner (2012-2013)

CODA Fiddle Orchestra - Trainee Assistant in Schools/Workshops (2004-2010)

Music at St Clements - Finance/Marketing (2007-2010)

Northern Rock Festival Foundation - Youth Work / Media (2006-2007)

EEIB (Bambury Centre) - Youth Work / Media (2006-2007)

Lifescopes (Rehabilitation/Mental Health) - Media/Music Workshops (2010-2011)

Edukid (Overseas/Youth) - Music Workshops (2013-2014)

Boscombe Community Fair - Founder member and annual assistant (1996 onwards)

Boscombe Community Network (Regeneration) - Volunteer (2003-2004)

Aspire (Health Network) - Volunteer/Surveyor (2020 onwards)

Amnesty (Bournemouth & Glasgow) (2015 onwards)

Boscombe Forum - Steering Group Member (2015-2016)

Glasgow Green Party - Campaigner (2018-2019)

Stop War Coalition - Campaigner/Fundraiser (2001-2003)

Fortuna House, Bournemouth - Youth Work Induction (2001)

Socialist Workers Party, Newcastle - Campaigner/Fundraiser (2001-2003)


Certificates & Qualifications include:


1st Aid - HSE Advanced

Bsc Hons (Economics, Music, Business)

Counselling - SQA2

Confidence Training (Stewarding) - Community Events Network

Health/Safety - MB Module

Equality/Diversity - ESF Retail

Personal Security - ESF Retail

Fire Safety - ESF Retail

Theatre - Vita Nova

Customer Service - SBS

Food Hygiene - HSE Intermediate

Support Learning/Education

Thai Chi - 1st Form

Police Induction - Cert. of Excellence

HNC Robotics/Electronics (5 Modules)

Law - 60 CATS

NVQ3 Business Start Up

Accountancy/Bookkeeping - 10 CATS

Website Design - 5 CATS

Drama Writing - 5 CATS

Video Editing - EEIB

BTEC Pop Music - 10 Modules

Quantitative Methods In Business Analysis (30 CATS / Lvl 2)

Young Entrepreneur Of Year (4th Award)

Founder of Companies:


Mushroom Cloud (Music/Media) - Princess Trust Funding

Stage 2 (Charity/Campaign Fundraising) - NVQ3 Case Study

Manikin Time Shark (Music/Theatre) - Young Entrepreneur Of Year (4th Award)

Damian Maguire (Music Enterprise) (Music Teaching) - OU Degree Case Study

Magic Cloud (Music & Media/Productions)


Founder Of Campaigns:


Campaign for Sustainable Food

Anti War Campaign

Campaign for Better Healthcare

Animal Welfare Campaign


Animation/Music Videos Include:


Could (Intro) - Damian Maguire

Ozrics - Manikin Time Shark

Indimentional Time - Manikin Time Shark

Crazy Sand - Space Ace Robot

Change - Space Ace Robot

Vortex (Ep1) - Scifi Film Short

Carry On - Space Ace Robot

Damian Maguire (Pop Tribute) - Live 2015

Autumn Equinox 2013 - Cellar Bar

Space Ace Robot - Live at Forbidden Planet 2016


Tracks (Free Download):


Sylvia Maguire - Brahms Intermezzo (Opus 118 - Number 2)

Sylvia Maguire - Chopin Nocturn In C

Nick Collis (Trio) - Footprints (Live 2013)

Nick Collis (Trio) - Maiden Voyage (Live 2013)

Into The Worlds - Vontramps

Going Away (Live 2001) - Vontramps

Away With Cognition (Live 1995) - Uncle Fester

Live at Boscombe Fair 1997 - Uncle Fester

Break 110bpm - Damian Maguire (Drum Samples - Creative Commons License)

Funk 100bpm - Damian Maguire (Drum Samples - Creatve Commons License)

Indimentional Time (Live 2011) - Manikin Time Shark

Kick Mutt (Live 2011) - Manikin Time Shark

Bulgar - Mazeltov

Rabbi Celebration - Mazeltov



Experience of Film & Events Productions includes:


Zodiac, Scifi and Full Moon Events at Springbourne Centre & Cellar Bar (2009-2016)

Animation/Documentary videos for bands including Space Ace Robot, Manikin Time Shark, La Luna E Le Stella, Mazeltov and CODA Fiddle Orchestra

Film/Animation shorts including Could (Intro) and Vortex (EP1)

3D Stage/Sound Production for events: Black History Exhibition, Anvil Rocks and Forbidden Planet (Solid Air events)

Stage Production with Sound Solutions (Tour 2010), Dead Rat Theatre/Artemis (Tour 2008), Mantovani Orchestra, Shelley Theatre, Cabinet of Living Cinema, Beltane Fire Society and White Lantern.


Examples of Previous Events


Performances include:


Bournemouth Band Stand (2016)

Edinburgh Fringe (2003/2018)

Meyhem in the Meadows, Wimbourne (2012)

Ringwood Football Club (1995)

The Harbour House, Devon (2003)

Purbecks Folk Festival (2012)

Off The Wall festival, Exeter (2003)

Beresford, Glasgow (2007)

Laughing Gas Comedy, Newcastle (2002)

Brockenhurst College (2003)

Grooves on the Green Festival (2003)

Live at Troon Festival (2017)

MU Competition, Weymouth (1994)

De Le Salla Theatre, Bournemouth (1993/1995)

National Music Day, Parkstone (1996)

HMS President, London (1996)

The Egg Festival, Southampton (1995)

Poole Arts Centre (1995/1996)

Bournemouth Pier Approach (2003)

Kozmik Kens Psychedelic Dream Festival / Kozfest (2011/2012), Devon

Space Ritual (Hawkwind members) support (2012)

Soul Lounge, London (2013)

Loose Change, Sound Solutions (Musical Tour - 2010)

Royal Portland Arms, Purbecks (2010)

Route 42, Ringwood (1996)

Bournemouth Pavilion, The Pleasure Gardens (Orchestral Film Rescore) (2013)

Hopefool (Childrens Play), Poole Park (2010)

Boscombe Community Fair (Annual performances since 1996)


Examples Of Previous Performances