Manager/Producer – Magic Cloud. Bsc Hons (Music, Business & Economics) graduate. 1st Instrument - Drums/Percussion. 2nd Instruments: Violin, Piano/Synth, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Vocals. Performed/Recorded with many bands/artists for over 30 years (Also known as - Space). Performing Artist - For over 30 years. Experience Includes: Interdisciplinary Performing Arts degree modules; Break Dancing; Orchestral/Theatre Performing & Production; Comedy & Film Animation/Production. Publicity/Marketing/Agency/Audio Production for bands/artists. Track record of performances since the early 90's including Jazz, Cruise Ship and World Music functions. Also a Track Record of Film & Events Productions with Star Merchandise/Magic Cloud. A wide range of Community experience includes Economics/Research, Youth/Child Work, Mental Health and Developments.







Music Books & Compositions