Manager/Producer – Magic Cloud. Bsc Hons (Music, Business & Economics) graduate. 1st Instrument - Drums/Percussion. 2nd Instruments: Violin, Piano/Synth, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Vocals. Performing Artist - For over 30 years. Experience Includes: Interdisciplinary Performing Arts degree modules; Break/Street Dancing; Cruise Ship work; Orchestral/Theatre Performing & Production; Comedy & Film animation/Production.

Performed/Recorded with many bands/artists for over 30 years including: Jelo; Kathouse, Mostly Water, Karin Karian Quintet (Joe Limburn), Sea Monkeys, Godhead, The Discord, Mangusto, Poppy Seed Hand Granades, Manikin Time Shark, Damian Maguire - Pop Trbute, Space Ace Robot, Freejam, CODA Fiddle Orchestra, Jack Maguire, Paul Owen, Freejam, Kobandallis (Andy Gilmore), Mazeltov, Tredmill, Purple Heads, Vontramps, Uncle Fester and Harlequin.

Publicity/Marketing/Agency for bands/artists including Attempting Fate, Kaira, Hatstandy Andy and Sylvia Fleming

Produced albums with bands/artists including Space Ace Robot, Manikin Time Shark (Blacksnow) and Purple Heads

Track Record of Film & Events Productions with Magic Cloud include Zodiac Events at Springbourne Centre & Cellar Bar; Animation/Documentary videos for bands/organisations including Space Ace Robot, Mazeltov and CODA Fiddle Orchestra; Film/Animation shorts including Could (Intro) and Vortex (EP1); 3D Stage/Sound Production for bands/events including Black History Exhibition, Anvil Rocks and Forbidden Planet (Solid Air events)

FT Drummer on Cruise (Emerald, Caribbean) (1999-2000). Studied Music Performance at University (Newcastle College & Dartington College). Drummer in Loose Change (Musical - Tour) (2010) and in Hopefool children’s play (with actors from Dr Who and The Bill) (2010). Drummer in Orchestral Film Re-score, The Pleasure Garden (Royal Academy & BSO members) (Composer - Dan Cohen)

Theatre (Degree Lvl certificate) with Vita Nova. Actor/Dancer in lightbrowse - Music Video.Stand-Up Comedy including: Off The Wall festival, Exeter (2003), Laughing Gas, Newcastle (2002) and Boscombe Community Fair (2004).
Street/Break Dance training includes classes with Club Fit, Dance 4 All (Stella) and with 2nd to None members (Including John Issacs)

Stage Production experience includes with Dead Rat Theatre/Artemis (Tour 2008), Mantovani Orchestra, Shelley Theatre, Cabinet of Living Cinema and White Lantern.

Childhood Performing Arts training/experience includes: Drama (BCCA); Ballet (Jan Crawly); Arts/Crafts (YMCA/Poole Arts Centre); Skating (Bournemouth Ice Skating); Violin (Bournemouth & Dorset Youth Orchestras); Drums (Bournemouth Wind Band); Comedy (St Walburgers School); Choir (St Johns School)

Community experience includes Local Elections candidacy, Economics/Statistical Research, founding of Campaigns (including Better Healthcare and Animal Welfare) and placements with: South West Green Party, Boscombe Area Forum, SE Dorset Green Party, YMCA, Transition BH, Greenpeace, CODA Fiddle Orchestra, Music at St Clements, Northern Rock Festival Foundation, EEIB (Bambury Centre), Lifescopes and Edukid

Certificated in subjects including 1st Aid, Counselling, Confidence Training (Stewarding), Health/ Safety, Equality/Diversity, Personal Security, Fire Safety, Theatre, Customer Service, Food Hygiene, Support Learning/Education.

Qualifications include: HNC Robotics/Electronics (5 Modules); Law; NVQ3 Business Start Up; Young Entrepreneur Of Year (4th Award)

Track record of performances include: Bournemouth Band Stand (2016); Edinburgh Fringe (2003/2018); Meyhem in the Meadows, Wimbourne (2012); Purbecks Folk Festival (2012); Brockenhurst College (2003); Grooves on the Green Festival (2003); Live at Troon Festival (2017); MU Competition, Weymouth (1994); De Le Salla Theatre, Bournemouth (1993/1995); National Music Day, Parkstone (1996); HMS President, London (1996); The Egg Festival, Southampton (1995); Poole Arts Centre (1995/1996); Bournemouth Pier Approach (2003), Kozmik Kens Psychedelic Dream Festival / Kozfest (2011/2012), Devon; Space Ritual (Hawkwind members) support (2012); Soul Lounge, London (2013)







Music Books & Compositions